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Latam Engineering

Latam Engineering is a team of engineers with a wide range of competecies and uniting manufacturers and process engineers for development of innovative solutions for industry.

Together with our partners, we offer a wide range of processes and engineering solutions in different branches of industry. We always seek for solution of the task that accounts for the technologies available in XXI century in order to provide competitive advantages to our customers. Onrush of technology makes one avoid replication of obsolete solutions and constantly looking for new and more efficient solutions.

Modern times impose requirements to ecology and environment protection, and so far the production must not only be profitable, but also must not affect the environment.

One of the basic tasks in our projects is cost reduction of products manufactured by our customers, as well as search for optimal solution considering availability of local energy resources, their parameters, costs of infrastructure and the prospective of further development.

Business profile

Atmospheric discharge cleaning
Air pollution control

Filtration and separation

Product drying
Drying, calcination and cooling

Evaporation and Crystallization
Evaporation and crystallization

General industrial equipment and systems
General industrial equipment and systems